Way To Index A New Website In Google

Way To Index A New Website In Google

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Before start the discussion about Way to Index a New Website in Google first i want to clear the concept of Crawling and Indexing. Always Google discovers new website pages by crawling the web, and then they add those pages to their record. They do this using a web spider called Google-bot, this is the similar process of all Search Engine.

Crawling: The process of following hyperlinks on the web to discover new content.
Indexing: The process of storing every web page in a vast database.
Web spider: A piece of software designed to carry out the crawling process at scale.
Google-bot: Google’s web spider.

In this blog, i am going to discuss about way to index a new website in Google search results. There are few simple steps which help you to know how to index a new site on Google easily.

Way to Index a New Website in Google

Add Your Website on Webmaster Tool

  1. Go to Google Search Console (former Google Webmaster Tools), sign into your Google account and click the red button to add your website. Read:- Google Webmaster Interview Question
  2. Once you’ve clicked the button to add your site, just type your website’s URL in the box.
  3. Get the code. You will want to use the HTML tag under the Alternative Method

A XML Sitemap of Your Site is Essential

A sitemap can be categories into 3 part. 1 XML Sitemap 2. Html Sitemap and 3. ROR Sitemap. XML sitemap contain list of website or blog Url, which help crawler to index your website faster.

  • To Add XML Sitemap in Webmaster tool go to your Search Console, click on Sitemaps, Enter your Sitemap url and click submit.
  •  To Add XML Sitemap in website just create a xml sitemap through tool and upload on root directory.

Note: If you are not on WordPress, you can use tool to create a sitemap of your site.

Submit Your Site to Free Blog Directories

One of the fastest ways to get your site indexed on Google search results is to submit your site to free Blog Submission Sites . Most blog directories usually allow you to submit your site’s content for free and they also give you traffic and back-links. Make sure to create social media profiles for your newly launched website or blog.

Create A Robots.txt File

Robots.txt file give the instruction to search engine spiders to which file or page crawl or not of your websites. So the next question is how to create a robot.txt file. You can Create Robots.txt file here. And while indexing your new site to stop showing unwanted pages of your sites on Google.

Build High-Quality Back-links

Backlinks tell Google that a web page is important. After all, if someone is linking to it, then it must hold some value. These are pages that Google wants to index.

Do the Website Internal Linking

Google always discovers new content by crawling your website. If you neglect to internally link to the page in question then they may not be able to find it. One easy solution for this problem is to add some valuable internal links to your website page or blog post.

Steps to Get Index Your Page on Google – In New Webmaster Tool

  1. Go to Google Search Console
  2. Navigate to the URL inspection tool
  3. Paste the URL you’d like Google to index into the search bar.
  4. Wait for Google to check the URL
  5. Click the “Request indexing” button

Why Index Your Site on Google?

Indexing your website or blog on Google has the following benefits.

  • You can make others quickly find your new content
  • Can get more organic traffic
  • You can increase your sales and a lot more

How to Check if You’re Indexed in Google

Just go to Google Search and the type Site:https://www.seorankone1.com/ (your website url), hit enter.