Desk Booking Software

Desk Booking Software Provides These 4 Top Benefits


An organization can benefit from desk booking as well as its employees. These are the four top reasons you should consider office desk booking.

Desk Booking Software Benefits

1. Utilisation is higher

How many empty seats are there in your office? According to our research, the average desk in an office is only used 38% of the time. Imagine this for a moment – how often are you at your desk at the office? After you add meetings, working from home, lunchtimes, and break out areas, you may not spend as much time there as you originally thought. Imagine multiplying that across the whole organization and you will begin to realize how much space is left vacant.

You can monitor desk availability and figure out what plans to make with the unused space by utilizing desk booking.┬áRead another blog post we think you’ll enjoy: Are hot desks worth it?

2. Productivity increased

Almost all of us have spent a good few minutes looking for a vacant desk in an office at some point. You settle in a seat for a few hours because someone is out on vacation, but once they’re back, you have to do it all again. When people can come into an office and sit down to work right away, that allows them to be more productive.

You might choose to work with specific teams or people for certain projects. So allowing people to select where they want to work will make collaboration easier and meetings will be avoided.

It is vital for a happier, more productive workforce to provide their employees with the workspace they need and the flexibility to choose where they sit amid rising noise disruption in the office and growing need for agile working.

3. Reduced costs

It has been stated above that the amount of desk space and resources that are unused in offices is generally pretty poor. Space is not only taken up by desks, your company also pays for square footage. A computer, a chair, the cabling, the lighting, and a telephone on the floor are all indicative of this.

Think about that cost floating above those empty desks and how it can be better used when you glance at them. By ensuring you only have desks and resources you need, desk booking software will help you reduce those wasted costs.

4. Work with flexibility

Because people work differently, it’s vital to provide workspaces and flexible policies that suit their needs. It’s not enough that millennials are willing to work in a variety of areas in your organization – you must also make sure the other generations are happy. Employee retention can be negatively impacted by a workplace that is demotivating and frustrating, which can lead to turnover.

It helps you identify the different employees and provide them with flexible solutions. It is important to provide your workforce with choices, as everyone faces challenges at work and outside of it.