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8 Amazing Benefits of WhatsApp Bot


Today, people like to have their queries answered within seconds round the clock. But offering such customer support 24/7 is not feasible for many businesses because of the high operating costs. Chatbots offer satisfying responses to customers in the absence of agents. Thanks to these features, many businesses are leveraging chatbots. WhatsApp bot is not much different from other chatbots responding to customer’s queries.

You may have interacted with some by asking questions like “What’s the best cable plans” or “What are your hours of service”. For SMEs, such assistance from WhatsApp can make a lot of difference to their customer experience. Dive into this blog to see what things WhatsApp Bot provides.

Quick Responses

In an age when customer experience is a major differentiator among brands for customers, late responses are not something customers or potential customers appreciate. Therefore, your responses to every customer should be quick. An automated response from a WhatsApp bot can solve this problem for you.

You can set up a WhatsApp bot to offer answers. During this time, you can assign the chat to a representative or answer by yourself. But the quickness of the first responses can be very effective for you in offering a good customer experience.

Round the Clock Support

If your customer base is spread across different regions, offering standard hours of service may not be sufficient. Offering limited hours of customer service is understandable because of high operation costs, especially in this economy. In that case, your WhatsApp bot can answer many customer queries and offer satisfactory answers. This chatbot can help you resolve many of those queries in the first interaction.

Even if you have support team members at night, this chatbot can function as their helping hand in getting the information or qualifying leads.

Omnichannel Support

Today, businesses are leveraging more channels of customer support so all customers can be served wherever they are. To streamline and unify the customer experience across all channels, businesses leverage an omnichannel support strategy. Customers can have more satisfying resolutions based on past data recorded on communications across other channels. This way, a WhatsApp bot can help you offer an enhanced customer experience.

Language Translation

When you have a multilingual customer base, translation can assist in offering customer support in a multitude of ways. Most importantly, it can bridge the language gap between your agents and customers. By customizing your bot, your customer service channels may help you do more than just translations of the messages.

ECommerce Services

Customers are likely to make the best buying decisions when a product is right in front of them, or at least virtually. When customers inquire about products and explain what they are looking for, a WhatsApp chatbot may describe the product along with images. This facility can make a whole lot of difference for both your brand and its customers in terms of satisfaction. So, it is something that more businesses should leverage.

Surveys with Interactive Questions

Most people would only participate in a survey if it is easy to do so. Otherwise, most people won’t. However, creating interactive surveys can increase the response rate. WhatsApp bots can help people create such interactive surveys without much problem. This collected data can be further used for different marketing efforts.

Personalized Offers

A one-size-fits-all strategy is rarely effective because your customers are different and so are their needs. Therefore, a personalized approach can benefit a business more in terms of conversions. WhatsApp bots can help you segment your audience into groups of people with similar wants and needs. Then you can create suitable promotions for every group that fulfills their unique requirements.

Such promotions generally yield more sales. Also, such campaigns can prove to be effective in upselling and cross-selling products.

Customer Analytics

To improve your conversions and customer experience, you have to record customer data and view it in the form of charts or graphs to have valuable insights. That’s where WhatsApp bots can help you. The recorded interactions of customers with the chatbot across every channel can help you adjust your strategy for boosting conversions.

Analytics help businesses understand customer behavior better than speculations. So, it is an application of WhatsApp bot that should not be missed out on.


WhatsApp bots can have a multitude of applications based on how well they are leveraged. They can increase productivity, ensure day-round customer support, cut costs, improve customer experience, record customer feedback, and so much more. With all these features, WhatsApp Bots are something more businesses should learn about and leverage.