Atvel Tune S5 Pro

Atvel Tune S5 Pro review – Perfect noise-canceling tws earphones


Let’s take a closer look at the main features that made Atvel Tune S5 Pro the top TWS wireless earbuds of 2023.


Atvel Tune S5 Pro comes with a built-in HiFi-5 DSP that generates a high resolution audio signal. The earphones feature large 10mm composite and wool drivers that reproduce powerful and detailed sound with rich bass and good instrument separation. This makes them suitable for different musical styles, from classical to metal.

Protection against noise and moisture

With six built-in voice microphones and PureVoice active noise canceling technology, you can have clear conversations with your interlocutor. In addition, the transparency mode cuts out external noise, allowing you to hear others. Atvel Tune S5 Pro is also equipped with Hybrid ANC technology, which detects wind gusts and creates reverse sound waves to cancel them. IPX5 technology resists sweat and moisture, making them ideal for sports, rain or wind.


With active noise cancellation turned off, Atvel Tune S5 Pro earphones work up to 7 hours of continuous listening to music on a single charge and up to 34 hours when recharging from a case. With noise cancellation turned on, the charge lasts up to 6 hours and up to 30 hours with a case. The earphones also have an auto-pause feature that activates when you remove one or both earbuds, saving battery life.

When charged from zero to full, the earphones are charged in an hour, and the case in two hours via a USB Type-C cable. Wireless charging takes about three and a half hours. In an emergency, the fast charging technology can extend the life of the earbuds by up to two hours with just ten minutes of recharging in the case.


Earphones are equipped with touch sensors that allow you to receive calls, switch tracks and adjust the volume. They also support Google Assistant and Siri for remote smartphone control. Atvel Tune S5 Pro maintains a stable connection up to 15 meters thanks to a chipset with three high-performance processors and Bluetooth 5.2 version.


Four pairs of thick silicone ear buds are included with a full core for a snug, comfortable fit, making them ideal for running and movement exercises like burpees. The case is glossy with a rough surface that does not collect fingerprints and dirt, and the package also includes USB Type-C for charging, instructions and a warranty card.

The model is available to order on the official website.