3 Best Alternatives to BitTorrents that are Safer and Faster


The latest way people obtain files from the Internet is by downloading. They mostly do this through “torrenting” with the BitTorrents technology, a peer-to-peer network.

People have many files that they’re willing to share with others, and they are referred to as “seeders.” Thus, people on the network can get on those links, known as torrents, and then “leech” the files from the network. This way, you can get your file from many sources.

So, generally, torrents are an essential part of internet sharing. The popular clients used in downloading torrented files include uTorrent and BitTorrents clients. But, things changed much when BitTorrent Inc. took over and filled the platform with advertisements. Also, the legality of torrents was really questioned.

Most of us only understand u Torrent as the most prominent alternative to BitTorrents. But, do you know that there are many alternatives to BitTorrents, which are safer and faster? The secure options also have advanced features, and the majority don’t put junkware or advertisements on your PC.

There are usually doubts about the legality of the files being transferred using BitTorrents. Such cases include illegally downloaded movies and music. For example, what causes the doubts is the software BitTorrent.exe.

BitTorrent.exe is a legit process file. It’s associated with the software BitTorrent. Malware programmers usually write virus files with malicious scripts. They then save them as BitTorrent.exe to spread viruses on the internet.

So, you’ll only know that your PC is infected with BitTorrent.exe malware once you start experiencing:

  1. Unstable internet connectivities
  2. Slow down of PC processing speed
  3. exe takes a whole CPU space
  4. A redirect of your browser to the irrelevant websites
  5. Floods of popup ads bombarding your browser
  6. Repeat freezing of your computer screen

Now, let’s look below at the alternatives to BitTorrent that are safer and faster, which you can choose to work with.

1.Download Files from Usenet Providers

When you transfer files from public networks, they can easily be snooped on. But, when using Usenet, you get to enjoy more privacy compared to torrents. This is because you can download files straight from the Usenet servers and not from numerous strangers on the public torrent networks.

Usenet also offers the fastest speeds for downloads. And, the best retention is a significant feature that allows you to access the older USENET posts.

Newshosting also offers the highest value for all-in-one Usenet access. This is where you get access to the fastest, independently-operated Usenet pillar, with benefits like:

  • Multiple server farms
  • Unlimited article transfers with uncapped speeds
  • Newsreader with an integrated search that gives you quick and accurate search results

As you enjoy excellent network reliability with the best Usenet providers, you can also access the files you need and download them securely. With the Usenet newsgroup, anyone gets the opportunity to enjoy much safer internet downloads than torrents.

Most people may not know about Newshosting, yet it has continuously provided outstanding USENET access for several decades. The best thing is that the Usenet service provider operates its servers in multiple regions globally. Therefore, many people worldwide can benefit from safe downloads.

2.Torrent With a VPN Service

Using a trusted Virtual Private Network enables you to continue torrenting safely. When you use a reliable VPN to torrent, you manage to hide your IP address.

You also get to encrypt your downloading traffic. And, best of all is that; your torrent activities remain hidden from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You also stay safe from possible third-party snoops.

VPN can also help give protection against malware. But, you must be sure you keep your antivirus software up-to-date if you’re torrenting.

A good VPN will also help you maintain your browsing speed up to where it should be. In short, a quality VPN will secure your activities when torrenting.

Leading cybersecurity experts point out that using a VPN will help you gain access to sites like the pirate bay if they are blocked in your country. This means that simply using a VPN will help you gain access to the latest entertainment and content that is available online. Whether it is the best movies or the latest tb shows, you can access everything from the pirate bay using a credible VPN provider.

Therefore, to guarantee security, make sure the VPN:

  • Does not keep a list of your activities.
  • Isn’t in a country where browser records can be followed up.
  • It is fast enough not to slow your activities down.
  • The kill switch is enabled to help shut off the connectivity if your VPN fails.

3. Stream Content Instead of Torrenting

Have you ever thought of streaming files instead of torrenting? Try to stream content like:

  1. Your favorite movies
  2. TV shows
  3. Other media files

When streaming, you can play the media while downloading at the same time. You can use any of the following ways to stream your content:

  • Website-based Streaming
  • Use p2p-based streaming apps

· Website-based Streaming

Downloading content via website-based streaming is safer than torrenting. By streaming through the website, you won’t share your IP address with thousands of other torrent users that share the same file.

However, to guarantee safety, you must use a trustworthy streaming website. Together with a trusted VPN, you’ll ensure that your ISP doesn’t see whatever you’re streaming.

The VPN will safeguard you from the possibly crooked streaming websites. It will also protect you from sketchy ISPs.

· P2P-Based Streaming Apps

Website-based and P2P-based (peer-to-peer) streaming may appear the same from the end-user perspective. However, they’re very different.

​P2P streaming app is easy to use and works just like Netflix. Once you’ve installed and opened it, it gives you all the latest content that you can watch with only a click. To ensure safety, use a trusted VPN.

Wrapping Up

Since the introduction of torrent networks, the BitTorrent network has become a popular channel for sharing files. However, there are better BitTorrent alternatives that are now available. It’s no wonder why there has been a decline in torrents.

The discussion above should guide you into choosing the safest alternatives to BitTorrent. Remember that you can download content from Usenet service providers and benefit from secured content.

You can also choose to stream your content through website streaming or peer-to-peer streaming apps. Use these choices to download the files you need on the internet securely.

It also helps to continue torrenting via a reliable torrent VPN. Using a VPN is one way that will keep you out of trouble by maintaining anonymity when downloading. A VPN will enhance your privacy online because no one sees what you’re downloading.