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How Many Ways Can You Merge Two Photos Or More?


Photos are visual representations of memories and past experiences captured and presented as visual graphics. While reminiscing old memories captured in photos, we find ourselves laying them out in a particular order to appreciate them. This is what sometimes prompts the decision to collect certain photos and put them together in a single presentation. This is what we mean by the term photo collage. To combine multiple pictures, you need a collage maker online tool.

When you mention the word collage, what comes to mind is a scrapbook or wall mount of bits and pieces.  While this is indeed a collage, it is a more traditional way of blending different images together. This creates one visual graphic. With the digital era, collage making is no longer a manual task, but rather a virtual one with several techniques.  This, therefore, poses the question, “How many ways can you merge two or more photos?” The answer to this is simple. There are four ways you can do this and they are listed as follows:

The Grid Method Using a Collage Maker Online

Basing your collage in grid format is the simplest and most effective way of creating a scroll-stopper design in minutes. Grid collages are often inspiration points to bring out ideas or make client presentations. With a grid, you can merge photos of the same theme and color scheme in the most effective way.

Collage maker online tools have images and editing features. These give you the power to crop, rotate and place images in your preferred style. You can also add color, graphics, and text, depending on your reason for making the collage. For example, you can make a photo collage of all your products on sale together with descriptions and prices. Then post on your social media page. 

Splice Method

Splicing is ideal if you are the experimenting kind of person or your collage is meant for eerie-themed graphics. If you want to achieve maximum visual impact with your collage designs, this style will give you surreal effects. All you need is two photos and a collage maker online tool. This will help create this form of collage. The main technique in splice is a juxtaposition to bring out contrast and symbolism.

Wondering how you can apply this to your collage? You will need two images; one serving as your base image sitting at the top of both layers. With your collage maker online tool, trace over the base image to cut away a section you want to juxtapose with the other image. This will reveal the image beneath. Then you can leave it as it is or insert effects such as patterns or textures. This will fill out the curved space.

Mapped Overlay Method

This sophisticated method can work well with collage maker online tools. Such include Promo, Adobe InDesign, or Adobe Photoshop. This will produce stunning results. Unlike splice, a mapped overlay is much more involving because of the need for more images and more creativity required in the design. The catch, however, is that the images have to be related in proportions. This is even if they have different color tones, subjects, and so on. To have an easier time overlaying the images, use images of different subjects. However, photograph them in similar positions and scales.

To pull this off, use your collage maker online to layout your base image. Then map out the proportions of the image with gridlines. This will help you create perfect frames over sections of the base photo. And this is where you’ll place other images over it with ease. You can add smaller image frames to your base image. Keep overlaying other images till you achieve the perfect blend of photos. The final product you have will be a collage. It has a single subject from mapping out and overlaying photos of varied subjects.

Multi-Layered Approach

This approach of collage making is way more complicated than the other three methods. It usually has the base image silhouetted by another image and layered with several other images to form one picture. A collage maker online tool such as Adobe Photoshop should be able to give you amazing results for this style.

Once you have opened your base image in your collage tool, select a part of the image that you intend to silhouette then delete it. This will leave a blank area in which will be filled up with another image behind the base image. Next, all you have to do is use the tools on your collage maker online to add layers of images in the background of your base photo to complement it. There you have it! Your perfect multilayered photo collage.

Final Thoughts

To create a photo collage, not only do you need a collection of images, but you also need a collage maker online tool that meets your design needs. Whether you have just two images or more, we have seen that with the above techniques, you can merge any number of photos you have. As soon as you start creating collages, the fun process gets to you. Thereafter, you end up exploring even more as long as you have the right collage maker online. So engage your creative flair and get the collage-making process fired up!