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How to Obtain a Senior Citizen Card in India


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The Government of India offers a facility for obtaining senior citizen cards over 60. This card will allow the cardholder to get a number of facilities from the concerned government. So, in this blog, we are going to provide a detailed procedure to obtain a Senior Citizen Card.

So, keep reading the blog till the end. Before preceding further, let’s talk about the benefits of getting SCC.

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Senior Citizen Card

There are so many benefits associated with this card. The elderly citizen can avail the following benefits:

Tax Benefits: In order to ease your financial burdens during the retirement, tax laws are relaxed in India for Senior Citizens. IT department consider people over the age of 60 as seniors and those over 80 as super-seniors.

Cheaper Airways Ticket: The tickets of airplanes are relatively cheaper for cardholders. For example, if you are over 63 years old, you will receive a 50% discount on the economy tariff for domestic travel with Air India.

Reduced Charges of Telephone: Elderly people over the age of 65 are also subsidizing the telephone bill. BSNL customers are eligible to register their phones preferentially and can get the registration fee-free.

Court Hearing Priority: Seniors over the age of 60 can contact the court in writing to prioritize the case, ensuring convenience and timely response.

Simpler Passport Application: Applying for a passport is often a tedious process. Generally, the police confirmation must be completed before the passport is issued to the applicant. However, in the case of elderly people, the police may perform confirmation after the issue.

To do so, you will need to provide a copy of your son/daughter’s passport (18+) and an application form while studying abroad. A copy of your child’s passport requires a page with the parents’ names. Easy Way To Get Food And Shop Licence

Required Documents to Apply for This Card

The main document required is a residence certificate issued to the applicant by the corresponding state authority.

Candidates must also submit a government document with their date of birth, which serves as proof of age.

Applicants can submit the completed application form and the required documents to the senior card office via the following channels:

Application by mail – You can apply 60 days before you turn 65 years old. If you apply 60 days before you turn 65 years old, you will be refunded.

Apply in Person – To submit by the applicant or his representative, the applicant may submit his application by the time he is 65 years old.

Online Application – The applicant can submit an electronic application form, a recent photograph, and a copy of the HK Smart ID card on the Internet, for details, see the “Notes on the online application” sections.

What is the Validity Period of Senior Citizen Card

Senior cards do not expire and do not require annual renewal. The first card issuance is free.

The EndNote.

Above, we have explained the complete process to how to get Senior Citizen Card.

Is the Indian employment card a must to get a job?

This question has plagued the minds of many, however, the answer is not all that simple. An employment card is not a mandatory document but one that comes with a host of benefits. That’s why Indian citizens are advised to apply for one as soon as they complete their basic education. Many government jobs do not demand an Indian employment card; however, based on location, this varies.

The Employment Exchange requires applicants to provide their educational qualifications, details about skills and interests to provide employment assistance to those in need.

Employers looking to hire can also use this platform to find candidates suitable for the positions being offered.

Why the need for an Indian Employment Card?

The main purpose of this body is to manage employment and keep track of the employability of citizens of the state and subsequently, the country. Although not mandatory, the simple reason why one should apply for this card is that some state governments, and even private employers, notify the Employment Exchange about vacancies before putting them out in the open. Often, other modes of advertisements follow only if the employer has been unable to find a suitable candidate from the Employment Exchange portal.

Some Indian states like Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh do favour the Employment Exchange platform and ask for an employment card from those seeking government jobs.

What are the major advantages?

Most states have now updated their systems to support an online application process thus making it simpler and easier for citizens to register themselves. It is desirable to enrol oneself with the Employment Exchange to reduce the chances of unemployment. Besides, it can also help you get a better position if the job you currently have does not match with your qualifications.

How to get an employment card?

Now that you’ve realised the importance of having this card, the next step is to register for it. You can approach the District Employment Exchange to register yourself. Take the original as well as attested copies of the required documents along with 3 passport size photographs. In some states, you may be asked to sit through a small interview where you are asked education-specific questions.

Once this is completed, you will be given a form where you will have to fill in your details. All original certificates are checked and verified by the Jr. Assistant of the Employment Exchange. If all seems proper, an employment card is issued bearing a date to renew it after three years.

The documents needed for the interview include a valid residence certificate, all educational certificates up to the current period, caste certificate (if applicable) as this information is mentioned on the card. If married, you may be asked to provide your marriage certificate.

Apart from this, a N.O.C form may be required for registering government officials, and where applicable, a disability certificate, experience certificate or a freedom fighter and unemployment certificate. Remember to carry all this along and the process will be completed in no time.

New Gas Connection – How and Why to Get It

Whenever you purchase a brand new home or shift to other city, the primary and also the basic necessity in your checklist is the gas connection. You ensure that you just get a running LPG connection to avoid any difficulties in cooking and other activities. LPG is the basic necessity for each household to survive.

There are traditional gas cylinders also as pipelines to provide LPG. But, the question is, which is best and what are the ways to urge the connection? The solution is sort of simple. To save lots of money, reduce the stress of booking gas cylinders regularly, LPG pipelines are preferred. They’re far more reliable, cheaper in price and efficient too. Allow us to discuss the advantages of the gas pipelines and therefore the ways to get the new gas connection in short.

What is the Process to Get a Gas Connection

There are various ways through which you’ll apply for a brand new gas connection. The common step altogether the ways is to gill the applying form. This could be done manually also by visiting the official website online. The manual method may be a little bit time and energy consuming. Moreover, the online method is accurate and quite fast.

The Offline Procedure

The first step here is to seek out a gas agency nearby that gives the LPG connections. Then, visit the agency and fill the application form to urge a new gas connection. With this, you would have to submit a duplicate of many documents as proof of your identity. These documents include Aadhar card, passport, driver’s license , PAN card, etc.

After the completion of your registration process to induce the connection, the gas agency will issue you a receipt for it having your name, registration date and registration number. Finally, a booking number will come after which you’ve got to pay money and can get the connection installed.

The Online Procedure

To apply for the Gas connection online, you’ve got to go to the official website. Here, visit the customer zone and choose the New Connection. You’ll find a detailed form there. Fill the form with all the specified details and continue with the payment method. After filling it up, submit the specified documents for the identity proof. That’s it! You’re through with the method. Soon you’ll receive the conformation and obtain the LPG connection.

This online method is extremely quick and requires minimal efforts. Also, there are very fewer chances of any misspellings or errors.

Advantages of Having an LPG Connection

  1. Limitless Gas Supply: The LPG pipeline connections offer an uninterrupted gas supply. You dont have to not worry about the availability or running out of gas. 24*7 you get a nonstop supply with no disturbance.
  2. Cost-Effective: After the pipelines are placed, the price of gas transportation is reduced to an extent and is far cheaper than transporting it through ships, trucks or trains.
  3. Eco Friendly: LPG and gas are environment-friendly fuels. The quantity of CO2 emitted has been reduced after the increased use of such fuels which is contributing in climate control. Also, the land which is employed by the pipelines may be used for farming and other purposes because the pipelines are set underground.
  4. Convenience: there’s rather more convenience in using the LPG pipelines. Now, people don’t need to worry about booking the gas cylinders and sit up for the delivery. Also, no extra space is required for storing traditional cylinders.
  5. Safe to Use: LPG is safe to use gas. It doesn’t have any harmful impact on our health. It’s a secure source of energy.
  6. Affordable: LPG gas pipelines are cheaper in price as compared to the gas cylinders. They’re cost-efficient and beneficial to use altogether aspects.