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Google Gravity: Google Hidden Extra Feature


How to do the Google Gravity trick in your Browser and mobile phone. While this trick was first introduced in 2009. Know about How to Use Google Gravity, I’m Feeling Lucky, Underwater Search, Google space and

What is Meant by Google gravity?

Google Gravity is a fun and interactive way to experience Google’s homepage. It’s one of the many hidden Easter eggs that Google has created for its users. On this page you will see the Google logo and search bar, but as soon as you move your mouse, or touch screen from mobile everything will fall down due to gravity.

How to Use Google Gravity?

To use Google Gravity Follow the Steps Given Below

  1. Visiting the Google homepage in a web browser.
  2. Type “Google Gravity” in the search bar
  3. Click on “I’m Feeling Lucky” to load the Google Gravity page or
  4. click here

Google Gravity I am Feeling Lucky

The I’m Feeling Lucky button, which is just below the Google search field. This takes you directly to the Gravity version of the Google search page. At first, the search page will look normal, But once you move your mouse, buttons, menus, images and other elements on the page will fall to the bottom.

What is Mr Doob Google?

Born Ricardo Cabello, mr. doob is often recognized as the creator of three. js, a Javascript 3D library. A self proclaimed “Award losing non creative junior developer.

Google Space by Mr.doob

Google space

Technically is the same simulation but without the gravity component. The experience, however, is a bit different , means in google gravity all the things are goes down however in Google space all the things are moving or flying with no gravity.

Step to visit Google Space

  • Search google space
  • Visit to
  • Click launch experiments or directly visit

And then you will see the Google without gravity or Google space.

Google Underwater Search

google underwater search

Explore the depths of the ocean with Google Underwater Search! This April Fool’s Day joke allows you to search and discover the wonders of the underwater