Starting Your YouTube Channel During The Lockdown

Social Media

It is going to be a one year anniversary in March since the lockdown started back in 2020. Living conditions have significantly changed for the majority of the world population. The virus has affected not just health but the global economy and social life. Finances aside, the psychological impact the epidemic has had on many individuals is enormous. It is clear that the pandemic has affected many spheres of life negatively. However, there are some exceptions.

While it’s true that most businesses have suffered a lot especially in the beginning not knowing how to rebrand and start operating online, others have enjoyed the growth. Adjusting to any situation has always been one of the major strengths of human beings and perhaps it’s why we have survived everything we’ve been through. Also Know: Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel

The business sector that pandemic has affected in a beneficial way is unsurprisingly the social media. Social media essentially is not pure business, except it is when you think about how every creator is advertising their brand, product, service or persona. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like most of us directly pay to content creators. We can just sit back and watch an entertaining YouTube video completely free of charge.

YouTube analytics from the last year has been particularly fascinating. It became known that during the lockdown in Italy the time users spent on the platform increased dramatically. The same was true for India, US and many other countries where YouTube is available, which is coincidentally almost everywhere.

The reasons behind this are not hard to guess. We watch YouTube during our free time, to take our minds off of something, get inspired, kill time when we are bored and the list goes on. Considering the amount of free time lots of people have been having at hand ever since the lockdown started or the increase in stress levels it doesn’t take a genius to guess why YouTube got even more popular.

With that said, views are not the only thing that increased in numbers. Subscribers did as well. More people are finding out about YouTube content creators they previously didn’t know anything about. The lockdown has been a time for discoveries. As well as trying out different things.Now since we can’t go bungee jumping people are finding new things they can do virtually, from home. Starting a YouTube channel is one of them.

If you have anything in mind, could be an ASMR channel, sharing your college experience, chatting about different topics, giving out educational advice, beauty vlogging, gaming, edits or literally anything else now is the time to start your YouTube journey.

The audience is larger and more engaging than ever before, statistics do not lie. On top of that, it is something that will keep you busy and focused onto something you enjoy. And lastly, there are many perks that come with it, especially if you put a little work into it.

It is completely free to get started. You can wait for the audience to gather around, you can give your engagements a little boost to get one of your videos viral and keep the audience coming, ask for collaborations, more people are willing to help than you can imagine. No need for fancy equipment or setting most YouTube vloggers start with a simple smartphone camera and microphone in their own room.

There will always be the right audience for you. And keep in mind, while it may be hard in every other aspect of your life, everything seems hopeful and promising in the virtual reality.