Play Tongits

How Do You Play Tongits?


Tongits is a famous rummy game found in the Philippines. With its roots in card games, people might mistake it for blackjack or poker. And if you are familiar with these games, it will be easy for you to play tongits. As with any rummy game, the goal of tongits is to get the lowest possible score. Each turn will have the player’s scores tallied. If your score is the highest one, you lose the game.

You must know the rules if this is your first time playing tongits. The game can be fast-paced at times, limiting your chances of winning. It can be advantageous if you draw your cards at the right time.

How To Play Tongits

In tongits, there are always three players. This also includes the dealer who also plays in the game. All players get 12 cards for every round, while the dealer gets 13. The dealer will then discard the 13th card to start the game. Each turn goes in a counterclockwise direction. The unique aspect is you can choose anyone as the dealer. The remaining cards will be the stock of the game and will act as a reservoir if players need cards.

By this point on, players can meld or make sets. Each player should draw one card from the stock and discard one. Every card that the player draws has a set value, but the total score will count based on the cards in their hands. This approach applies to every game, including online games like tongits go.

Tongits Rules

Here are the important rules of tongits you need to follow.

  • Card draws – All players must draw and discard a card during their turn.
  • Avoid declaring a draw – Players must avoid declaring a draw at the start of the game. It is considered rude. You can only draw when it is your turn.
  • Sets and melds – Players can set or meld their cards as often as they want.
  • Wild cards – In tongits, there are no wild cards in every game.
  • Player counts – There are always three players in tongits. It should not go over or under the said amount.

Ending A Tongits Game

While tongits rely on the lowest score, ending a game in many ways is possible. These include the following.


Through stock-outs, all cards in the stock should have been drawn. If there are no more cards left, the game ends as is. For example, if a player’s turn has an empty stock, they cannot draw any card. It also means that the player cannot meld or set that turn.

Double Hit

Like mahjong, you can end a tongits game with a double hit. A player should meld and set their 12-card hand without drawing or discarding. This only counts when the dealer has discarded their cards at the start. If it happens, the player wins, and any bets owed to the player should be paid.

Wrapping Up

Playing tongits is a fun way to test your luck with cards. You draw a card and can meld, set, or pass the turn to other players. If you time it right, you can place the game in your favor. Depending on what is at stake, it will show what your winnings are. Ultimately, tongits test your wits and decision-making skills in getting a win.