Keeping Your Online Documents Confidential

PDFBear Guide: Keeping Your Online Documents Confidential


Most internet users nowadays are hesitant in uploading their documents online because of the unstable security features that a standard online document format can offer. However, you can modify a specific online document format like Portable Document Format or, most commonly called, a PDF file to limit the number of people who can access your online document.

This article will teach you how you can keep your online document confidential while using an online converter tool to help you modify your PDF file.

The Upside of Putting Encrypted Password

An online converter tool is a type of platform that helps you modify your online documents. In giving you a more detailed explanation, a platform like PDFBear is built to help you with your PDF file needs. You can use their platform in modifying one of the most challenging online document formats to edit with the use of their specific online tools.

Suppose you want to keep your online documents, such as a PDF file, more secure than ever. You can use the online tool password protect PDF file from putting an encrypted password in your PDF file. This will be an advantage for you to limit the number of people who can access the information inside your document.

However, most of the individuals who know your PDF file’s current password can also pass on the encrypted password itself, which you should take proper precautions on giving the encrypted password to anyone. If your encrypted password is leaked, you might be having trouble keeping random individuals from accessing your PDF file.

Take note that you should only be giving your PDF file the password only to your trusted individuals. It can also be helpful if you listed out the encrypted password in a safe location if you forget your password. Always remember that if you forget the password of your PDF file, you will be unable to access it yourself.

The Downside of Putting Encrypted Password

When you are putting encrypted passwords in your PDF file, you are putting your document as private, which has a limited number of people who can access it. If you want the public to read your PDF file, you will need to remove the encrypted password for everyone to gain access to the information and contents inside your document.

Another downside of putting an encrypted password in your PDF file is having to type in the password each time you open your PDF file. When you are typing the password, opening your PDF file each time might consume time and effort, especially if you are opening multiple PDF files. This can also lead to lessening your productivity as it takes time and effort.

It is also important to remember the password of each of the PDF files that you have put password encryption on. As we have mentioned earlier, you cannot open your own PDF file if you have forgotten your own password. Hence, you should always put encrypted passwords only on the critical PDF file and write down the password on a safe piece of paper.

How Use PDFBear to Put Encrypted Password

Suppose you want to put an encrypted password in your PDF file while using the online tool of PDFBear. You will need to prepare things before you can start your conversion journey. The three things that you should have access to are your preferred device, reliable internet connection, and the PDF file itself that is safely stored in your choice of device.

Once you are ready, you can now visit the website of PDFBear and click on the Protect PDF online tool to put an encrypted password in your PDF file. As soon as you have connected to the online tool, you will be transferred to a new webpage where you will be provided simple and straightforward step-by-step instructions on how to use their online tool. Here is an example.

  1. You will need to upload the PDF file from your device and into their system.
  2. Type in your preferred password.
  3. Click the encrypt button.
  4. Download your newly encrypted PDF file into your device.


When you are modifying your PDF file for the better, it is unavoidable to have some downside to the changes that you have made. Although these downsides are minimal, always take precautions in every modification of your PDF file as it will permanently change your document. Always have an original copy to have a backup plan in case something unexpected happens.