Ways To Store Your Goodies and Save Space

8 Creative Ways To Store Your Goodies and Save Space


Surely, every one of us does not want to have a house or an office that is messy, disorderly, and filled with unnecessary things. Living or working in these kinds of places would make us feel uncomfortable. But sometimes cleaning and organizing things can be really tiring and boring. For people who feel this way, we’ve listed some easy and creative ways to keep your places nice and tidy while freeing up areas for other use. 

When you maximize your space and keep things organized, you’ll see how much free area you have in and outside your house.

Learn Creative Ways To Store Your Goodies and Save Space

  • Maximize the space that you have 

If you cannot let go of some things in your place, or if you think those valuables can be used in the future, having a storage shelf can help you organize those valuables while saving spaces. There are a lot of reliable shelves in the market that you can choose from and it also comes with different kinds, sizes, and styles that would suit your particular need.

Besides saving spaces, getting furniture that can double as storage is a great idea! You can get a storage ottoman for your bedroom or living room and an outdoor cushion storage bench for your patio or backyard. Apart from using them as seats, you can store your things in them and keep clutter out of sight!

  • Get the most out of your closet

You can also maximize the space you have in your closet. First, you can dispose of all the old garments that no longer fit you for you to have extra space. The next thing to do is to use the space that is not occupied on the upper shelf or even on the closet floor. You can fill it with other things that you need, like bags, shoes, and other accessories you have. You may also place hooks at the back of your closet door for your belts, ties, etc.

Also, folding your clothes compactly will help you free up more space that you can use for other things.

  • Use wire baskets in the kitchen and bathroom

Wire baskets can be used to organize and put things in their proper places in almost every part of your place. Aside from its inexpensive and stylish looks that can easily go well with the interior design of the room, it can also store and organize those little things in your house or office.

You can put it in the bathroom where you can store your different needs such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other personal care products. Placing a basket in your kitchen is also a good idea as it can serve as a storage for food and other groceries. It can also be used as an organizer for different tools in your kitchen.

  • Make use of your wall

We typically hang paintings or decorative arts on our wall. But wall decorations can also be used in other functions. Buying or making a DIY multi-purpose wall organizer is a perfect way to expand or give your room more storage places while serving as a home or office décor too.

  • Do not store shoes in their boxes

Having a lot of shoes for different occasions is a good thing. But storing it inside boxes could occupy plenty of space in your home, and it just doesn’t look good.

For this problem, try making shelves or buy a shoe rack where you can place it in different parts of your home. It will help you organize shoes according to their purpose, and at the same time, save a lot of space.

  • Use the extra space under your bed 

There are a lot of things that you can actually put under your bed. By using boxes or buying storage bins, you can maximize those forgotten places under your bed. You can also put your big luggage under it to save more space in your room. If you have time and some creativity, you can personalize it and make DIY under-the-bed modifications.

  • Place things that you always use in parts of your place that are visible

This is for those people who always look for small items that they usually misplace, like keys, watches, jewelry, and other belongings.

Putting things in a visible area can help you save a lot of time from searching for things that can easily be misplaced. Having a holder for these kinds of stuff. And getting accustomed to placing it in those holders or organizers will prevent those kinds of instances.

  • Lastly, learn to recycle

There is a lot of “junk” in our houses and offices that makes it messy. But many of those things can be used again for some other purposes that can help us store things. For example, jars can be used as storage for other foods and goods. Wooden crates can also configure and be used as shelves. Old drinking glasses can be personalized and used as a pen holder. 


There are plenty of things you can reuse for storing items. Creativity is key. We hope this article helps you in maximizing your space while keeping it clutter-free. If you want to read more articles for tips and tricks on awesome storage ideas and decluttering your space, check out Storables.com!