Electronic Performance Supporting Systems

What are Must to have Characteristics of Electronic Performance Supporting Systems?


The electronic performance support system has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years because it is very much capable of improving the productivity and profitability of the organizations by giving a great boost to the existing performance.

These kinds of terms might sound complex for the newbies but there is no need to worry because this particular concept is very much capable of providing the organizations with comprehensive instructions to get started with and this concept also has the complete ability to provide the people with the right information at the right time which can be perfectly used in a wise rate of organization and means.

With the Help of an Electronic Performance Support System the Organizations can:

  1. Received very less number of customer support queries.
  2. Employees can go with the option of accepting new software and work very effectively on it since day one.
  3. They can go with the option of ensuring the seamless user onboarding experience for the new customers.
  4. There will be no need to get into lengthy product helps manuals to make everything easier to refer to.

Following are the most important practices to be undertaken by the organisations at the time of creating the electronic performance for support system:

It should be capable of providing the information in multiple formats

The very basic function of the electronic performance support system is to provide authentic. And genuine information to all the customers as well as users and further depending upon this particular concept will make sure that information will be categorized into three broad categories which will be data, advice and instruction. Being clear about all these kinds of things is very much important for the organization to become successful in the long run.

It should have the ability to provide relevant information:

Being clear about what the information has to be presented should be very much relevant in the whole process. And the organisations should depend upon such systems so that overall goals of having the relevant information can be easily achieved. And user results can be given a great boost by avoiding the confusion element very easily.

It should retrieve the information to be displayed:

With the help of an electronic performance support system, the organisations must be very much easy in terms of accessing and retrieving the information which it is supposed to display in the whole process and further having a clear-cut idea about the distribution of information over the number of functional areas is very much important so that people can extract the relevant knowledge from the information repositories in a very short period and can depend upon the conventional means of extracting it.

It should have the ability to monitor the user control

The electronic performance management support system is very much successful whenever it will have the complete ability to monitor the user control and accessibility to the information. Because being the manager the people need to have an overview of the information and rest of the things so that they can manage everything very easily. And can have the best possible accessibility throughout the process. The information which has been perfectly meant for the manager will also contain some of the sensitive data which should be accessible for the new joiner.

It should be very easy to update

Computerised nature of the electronic performance support system will make everything very much faster in terms of updating and easier in terms of dealing with several kinds of media like print, video or audio. The users must also have the complete ability to perform specific tasks of certain software so that software changes are dealt with perfectly and there is no hassle at any point in time.

It should be very much transparent

It is very much advisable for the organisations to depend upon that particular type of electronic performance support system which is transparent in terms of procedures. And is very much capable of summarising the considerations which have to be involved in the whole process.

Apart from all the above-mentioned points, the electronic performance support system should be self-explanatory as well as user-friendly so that people can avail several kinds of advantages very easily depending upon the style of learning which they prefer. Hence, depending upon the electronic performance support system is the best possible way of availing multiple advantages and giving a great boost to the existing functionalities.