Standard iPhone vs iPhone Pro series

Standard iPhone vs iPhone Pro series: A detailed comparison


Strapline: What iPhone should you buy, standard or Pro series?

Apple iPhones have been around for over a decade. However, only in later years has the brand resorted to a multi-variant strategy, offering buyers multiple variants to choose from. For the past couple of years, these have been the standard iPhones (comprising the iPhone and iPhone Plus variants) and the Pro series (comprising the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max). 

However, the difference between the standard and Pro iPhones could mean your price going significantly up or down. This puts users in a fix when they want to figure out which iPhone is best for them. To help with your dillemma, here is a detailed comparison between the standard and Pro iPhones. 

Standard vs Pro Series comparison

Let’s have a look at the features which separate the two from each other.

1.   Design and colour specifics

The standard iPhones are made of aluminium with rounded edges coupled with stainless steel. They are compact and easier to hold. The displays feature a lower refresh rate. On the other hand, they have diverse colour options. For instance, the iPhone 14 has colours like lavender, blue, red, silver and yellow.

The Pro versions come equipped with the same rounded edges and a titanium build (15 series only). These phones, also available in both smaller and larger screen sizes, feature higher refresh rate panels. However, the colour choices here can be limited. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, for instance, is available in natural titanium, white, blue and black.

2.   Performance and usage

The performance for both models differs. iPhone 14 offers the same A15 bionic chip. This is the same chip that is used in previous models as well. However, the iPhone 15 pro max offers an A16 bionic chip. This advanced chip can manage gaming, file transfers and editing. Both these options are good for daily usage. iPhone 15 has also introduced USB type-C cable. This is a great addition for ease of use. It also offers faster charging. The standard iPhone 14 uses Apple’s lightning cable.

3.   Camera performance

The standard iPhones come with just two back cameras, consisting of a 12-megapixel primary camera and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera. At the same time, the Pro have a larger 48 Megapixel sensor with two extra camera lenses. In addition, these is also a LIDAR sensor. Depending on your passion for photography, you can pick either one of the two. The selfie camera has the same resolution on both devices.

4.   Resale and exchange value

Since the cost of both are significant, their resale value will be affected respectively. The pros have better features, higher resolution screens and cameras packed with a hefty price tag. On the flip side, the standard versions are smaller, have smaller resolution screens and have just two cameras. iPhone Pro’s resale or exchange value will be more than the standard option when sold or exchanged.

5.   Maintenance cost

Both iPhones can cost you a fortune if they aren’t maintained properly. Although the Pro version offers more features, it is comparatively more costlier to maintain.

Apple never disappoints with their iPhone lineups and is a worthy investment. Choosing between the standard iPhone and the Pro version depends on your preferences, budget and usage. They offer high-level day-to-day performance and will not make you regret spending money.

The Pro series offers more performance, a better set of cameras, and a bigger and unique display style, but it comes at a costlier price. The standard iPhone offers more vibrant colour options, is more compact to use and comes with comparatively cheaper pricing. Between the two, the Pro is the superior and the ideal one to get. Apple never disappoints with their iPhone lineups and is a worthy investment.