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Lucknow, in Uttar Pradesh, is one of India’s most historically significant and cosmopolitan cities.  Lucknow food has its own particular identity and personality. The Mughals patronized Lucknow’s traditional cuisine, giving it a distinctively regal flavor. Food is what keeps people going in the midst of the Nawabi mood and the laziness that surrounds the air in this city. The city’s kebabs, biryani, nihari, and sweets are profoundly ingrained in its past and now characterize the gastronomic experience of the place. The food is inextricably linked to the essence of the city, and neither is whole without the other. Lucknow is a glutton’s paradise, with everything from lip-smacking kebabs to drool-worthy desserts. Now, even you can experience it all with online food delivery in Lucknow

Kaliya, kormas, zarda, nahari-kulchas, rumaali rotis, sheermal, and warqi parathas are some of Lucknow’s best-known dishes. Not only are the ingredients unique, but so is the way they are prepared by expert hands and presented. The sight of an exquisite Lucknow cuisine arrangement is enough to make your mouth water. The most well-known food is kebabs or meatballs, which come in a range of varieties. Shami kebabs, Kakori kebabs, Patili kebabs, Boti kebabs, Ghutwa kebabs, and Seekh kebabs are some of the most popular kebab variants available through food delivery services in Lucknow. So, keep reading to find out about the must-try Lucknow cuisine specialties.


Awadh was famous for its meat dishes, particularly its delicate kebabs. Lucknow is home to some of India’s best kebabs. Your journey to this city would not be complete unless you ate these delectable kebabs. These kebabs are grilled till tender enough to melt in your mouth, with a crispy outer layer and a soft stuffing on the inside. Kebabs are best eaten with Indian breads like roti, chapati, and naan. If you happen to be in Lucknow, try it with ultra-thin Rumaali rotis. These go well with boti and galouti kebabs. Galouti kebabs, tundey kebabs, and veg shami kebabs are among the must-order delicacies.


Biryani is an integral dish in a city known for its Nawabi culture and cuisine. Lucknow biryani is distinct in that the rice and meat are cooked separately. They are then layered and cooked in a sealed handi dum-style. Slow-cooked rice with spices, veggies, and bits of meat is famous for its fragrance and taste, and the first mouthful will blow your mind. There are various alternatives for you to try here, ranging from mutton to chicken to vegetarian biryani.

Imarti Rabri

One of the must-try Lucknow specialties, especially if you have a sweet craving, is this wonderful blend of crunchy imartis with creamy and savory rabri. This classic sweet delicacy, which is an integral component of Nawabi cuisine, may be conveniently obtained through food delivery in Lucknow from local sweet shops. The circular imartis are created with a batter of split black lentils, corn flour, and strands of saffron, then deep-fried in ghee and soaked in sugar syrup with cardamom powder. When the imartis are finished, they are topped with chopped almonds and rose petals and served hot with cooled rabri on top.

Nihari Kulcha

Kulcha Nihari, a classic Mulghai street food from Lucknow, is a must-try for all non-vegetarians. Non-vegetarians must try this wonderfully delicious and lip-smacking mix before leaving Lucknow. Nihari is a thick mutton gravy with a mild flavor, while kulchas is a soft bread.


Tired of the same old roti? Try Lucknow’s sheermal. Lucknow, famous for its Mughlai cuisine, provides a variety of bread, each with a unique touch. It is a sweetened, saffron-rich naan that is traditionally kneaded with milk. These naans are cooked in a tandoor and drizzled with cardamom or saffron milk. This sweet-tasting naan is served with hot curries to balance out and enhance the flavor of the meal. Sheermal pairs beautifully with kebabs, kormas, and even on its own. Baqarkhani is a more complex form of sheermal that is cooked on a griddle rather than baked in a tandoor. Zafrani and Hazri sheermal are two more types of sheermal.

Malai Makhan

Malai Makhan is another Lucknow specialty that is typically served during the winter season. This dessert is best characterized as “cream butter,” since it is created using unsalted butter that is hung in a bucket overnight and then whipped to achieve that creamy, airy appearance. It is then topped with khoya, which makes it tempting. Winter in Lucknow is incomplete without Malai Makhan; it is unquestionably one of the top options for online food delivery in Lucknow.

Handi Chicken

Handi chicken, prepared with a thick, spicy sauce and cooked to perfection, is one of the city’s most popular non-vegetarian specialties. The meal is carefully cooked in a particular clay pot to let the spices penetrate the chicken more effectively for that genuine taste and scent. Handi chicken gravy is made with onions, garlic, curd, tomatoes, cinnamon, cardamom, and a variety of Indian spices, and marinated chicken pieces are cooked to perfection and served with chopped coriander leaves. Enjoy this dish with laccha paratha, naan, sheermal, or steaming rice for a filling and healthful meal.

Shahi Tukda

This delectable royal dessert has been a favorite since the Mughal era. It was said to be a favorite of Lucknow’s rulers, thus the moniker “Shahi tukda.” This simple yet delicious bread pudding is made with fresh milk, bread, sugar, desi ghee, cardamom, saffron, and rose water. Fried bread pieces are coated in sugar syrup before being topped with flavor-infused thickened milk and garnished with chopped pistachios and almonds to make this delicacy. Enjoy it after meals or at any time of the day; it is simply fantastic!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, if you enjoy trying new cuisines, you should plan a trip to Lucknow soon and indulge in some of the best Awadhi and Mughlai delights, as described above. The majority of Lucknow’s distinctive specialties and other meals are bursting with tantalizing flavors and are a pleasure for the taste buds. You can easily order these dishes and more with Swiggy.

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