Bathroom Trends

Amazing Bathroom Trends 2022


Make a point to modify something in your space every year. The main focus is on rebooting the bathrooms for a more refreshing space. Besides, everybody loves to spend a little longer in the bathroom.

So, whether you are daydreaming or planning on making big or small upgrades in your bathroom, you are in the right place. Your bathroom should reflect your personality.

The year 2022 features limitless possibilities due to the modern bathroom designs the new year has in store. Still, even the old elegant designs would stand out with the correct setup.

Check out the below ideas and inspirations to get you started.

1. Spacious Freestanding Tubs

With the fear, exhaustion, and worry from the pandemic, all the homeowner wants is to relax in the best way possible. A freestanding tub is a top bathroom feature for the upcoming year. Moreover, a freestanding tub with shower seals the deal. A separate tub with a shower remains the most wanted bath layout even though showers come in different sizes.

However, even with larger showers, tubs are still functional. Such bathtubs occupy less space but provide tangible benefits. With a small freestanding tub, you won’t need to use a lot of water.

Most importantly, the type with flat bottoms will be in demand compared to the in-built designs. Why so?

According to the experts on interior designs, freestanding bathtub design suits any bathroom style effortlessly.

2. Mirrors and Cabinets

Many homeowners install mirrors in their bathroom renovations. Better yet, many are opting for the lighted mirror options to add more oomph to the design.

In the modern bathroom setup, you will see more backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets in 2022 as an exceptional choice. This embedded feature provides proper lighting without extra brightness or reflections on the mirror.

The simple and striking mirror shapes can be functional, not just decorative. A backlit mirror will form a radiant effect on the wall offering a floating mirror illusion. Consequently, this creates a middle point or emphasized textured wall surface behind the fixture.

3. Floating Features

Floating Features

Floating features comprise crisp lines that provide a contemporary and eye-catching finishing. Better still, they offer a space-saving solution for storage that allows more customization. You can integrate sinks, hardware, and faucets to match your preferred style with these vanities.

Moreover, wall-mount bathroom vanities consist of several modifications. Some of them are like a whole unit with a countertop, sink, and storage bottom space- the same as a legless standalone vanity. They are incomplete sets and completely separate pieces.

The wholly detached option allows you to settle on an ideal arrangement. So, you can choose the countertop’s width and length and decide on the type and location of storage. Bear in mind that your choice should not restrict the plumbing space available.

Remarkably, storage cabinets are flexible to use; horizontally, vertically, lower, higher, open, or closed. Above all, a floating vanity will remain clean and airy for a long time, unlike a massive box on the floor. Better still, its setup allows you to easily clean bathroom floors as you desire.

4. Long-Lasting Paint and Multiple Colors

An obvious step to make your bathroom feel new is using a fresh coat of paint in a new shade. Lucky for you, 2022 promises a wide range of vibrant and warm colors. Anticipate a perfect blend for your bathroom to start and end your day cheerfully.

Despite your choice of color, ensure you get new paint that is also durable for your bathroom to remain fresh longer. Moreover, the previous years had several advancements of stain-resistant paints, hygienic, eco-friendly, and resilient for harsh cleaning.

Better still, these advancements have paints coming in multiple hues to ensure the customer does not compromise on the style and washability.

5. Wall Tiles

Wall TilesIn 2022, say no to the small mosaic tiles in the bathrooms. The larger format tiles are gaining momentum for future wall designs. This is because they significantly impact any space while displaying fewer grout lines.

Additionally, large-format tiles breathe out luxury, especially when matched with natural stone and stone-like materials. You will not have a long and hard time cleaning with fewer grout lines. This makes slabs a particularly ideal option for shower surrounds.

Aside from the large tiles and slab wall coverings, unconventional subway tiles consisting of different colors, sizes, textures, and finishes will be a booming 2022 bathroom trend. More so, be on the lookout for vertically and horizontally arranged lined tiles for their fashionable, unadorned appearance.

These modest installations also accompany the tile colors people expect to see in the new year. Hues like beige, brown, mushroom, and tan that seem earthly and inviting will also gain popularity as they offer a perfect ground for authentic materials.

6. Smart Toilets

According to the NKBA design trends report, smart toilets are becoming more popular in many homes post-pandemic. While most people viewed them as a costly luxury and futuristic, you’ve got to agree that toilets are becoming an uncultured cleaning habit. Thanks to the advancements, smart toilets are now easier and healthier to use.

Also, smart toilets feature mechanical components. The likes of touch-free flushing and self-closing lids help to limit contact with germy surfaces. Still, technology is another crucial factor to consider in a smart toilet. Such technology includes interior cleaning mechanisms for you, under-the-lid bacteria-killing light, and stick-free bowl services.

Lastly, smart toilets eliminate the complexities that come with exposed plumbing of outdated models. Therefore, they use smooth wall-mount installations and surfaces, making cleaning the outside easier.

7. Heated Flooring

Because of their versatility, ceramic and porcelain continue to dominate the bathroom flooring. They offer durability, bacteria and moisture resistance, hypoallergenic characteristics, easy maintenance, and assorted colors, patterns, and sizes.

Still in 2022, expect to see wood-like ceramic and porcelain tiles with striking contrast marbles. Undeniably, the nature-inspired look is gaining traction in bathrooms as in kitchens. Better still, heated floors are becoming more sought-after, making you walk in bathrooms barefooted comfortably.

Parting Shot

Your bathroom qualifies as the essential part of the house since it’s where you spend your time alone. The fantastic bathroom trends-2022 will help you transform your bathroom as you desire. Besides, you perform all your self-hygiene rituals hence need utmost tranquillity.

Remember your bathroom should always remain clean and fresh. Lucky for you, the interior designs mentioned above will help you prioritize hygiene with antimicrobial fixtures.